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This videos series is inspired by John Cusack's character in "High Fidelity." It's a breakdown of favorites like movies, songs, albums and more.

Ideal Vacation Spots
Favorite Song Lyrics
Favorite Venues
Worst Christmas Gifts
Things I Love & Hate
Best Male Singers
Ink Breadkdown
The Piercing List
Favorite Super Groups
Things I Love
Music Midtown
Five Things
Best Christmas Gifts
Favorite Albums Covers
The Girl Crush
Favorite Favorite Band Logos
Best Organ Rock Songs
Favorite Music Festivals
Favorite Movies
Great Cowbell Songs
Favorite Rock Chicks
Favorite Music Moments in Movies
Best Concerts
Greatest Moments In My Life
Favorite Bands
Favorite Music Videos
Favorite Musicals
Favorite Instrumental Songs
Music Cliches
Best Fake Bands
Unusual Rock Instruments
Christmas Time
When I Grow Up
Guilty Pleasures
Best Rock Screams
Best Moments in Radio
Favorite Albums
New Year's Resolutions
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